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Using the SAP Java Connector

SAP Interfacing with VBA. In this blog you will get some informations about :
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SAP’s new Java middleware, the SAP Java Connector (JCO) allows customers and partners to easily build SAP-enabled components in Java. JCO supports both inbound (Java calls ABAP) and outbound (ABAP calls Java) calls in desktop and server applications.
In this Sample Program we connect to SAP and call two BAPIs.
Import statements: Any program using JCO should contain the following import statement:
Otherwise, you have to fully qualify each class and interface which is very inconvenient.
Connecting to SAP

JCO.Client mConnection;
A connection (or session) with SAP is handled by class JCO.Client
try {
mConnection =
JCO.createClient("400", // SAP client
"c3026902", // userid
"********", // password 

"EN", // language
"iwdf5020", // host name
"00"); // system number
catch (Exception ex) {

"A Client object is created via a call to createClient(). You can use a specific application server (as in the above code) or a server group (load balancing)." REFER the JCO Javadoc for the overloaded createClient() method for the latter possibility.
"The Client class's connect () method tries to log on to SAP. If that fails for any reason, an exception is thrown. If the call succeeds, we can now stay connected for as long as we like. When we are done, we can call disconnect () to explicitly log off."

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