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SAP R/3 connection with

SAP Interfacing with VBA. In this blog you will get some informations about :
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This page is about connecting external devices with a RS232 port like Balances, Temperature measuring devices or whatever other device you can think of, over a PC’s Com port to a SAP system.
Here is a basic principle of how that works together: SAPDotNetEN.pdf (pdf reader needed)
Software requirements:
1. You have to create a RFC capable FB within the SAP environment which is done in ABAP very simple.
This FB will than retrieve or write the data from or to the SAP database.
2. You have to program a small application that communicates with the PC’s Com port and your SAP Frontend.
Newer Technologies use the Dotnet SAP Connector which is available in the SAP Marketplace.
I’m using an active-X Component that comes with the SAPGui Installation. You can use the component’s functions to logon to the SAP System and to remote call your FB to exchange the data.
You have to include SAPFunctionsOCX.dll and the SAPLogonCtrl.dll in your projects resource.
In this case here, I will read an externel Temperature device and store the measured temperatures in a database table in the minisap which I used for learning ABAP.
There are two way’s to send the data to the SAP System: 1. is to enter the data manually into the Edit-box of the VB program and press the senddata button, or send it automatically by activating the checkbox: send serial data to R3. In this case, new data is send to R3 whenever the value changes.
In the next picture you can see a small ABAP Application, the .net VB program and a graphic which show’s the Temperature curve.

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